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hey there again!

I really enjoy having graphic design and photography as my career. But sometimes you have to put down the laptop, iPad, and Adobe programs and put pen to paper. These studies include my drawings, paintings, doodles, and experiments with videography that I don’t get to do every day. Taking personal time to create art for myself helps me develop ideas for projects and learn.


Digital creative

in graphic design & photography.


Italy 2019

Italy was a life changing experience for me. I created this video with GoPro to capture the emotional experience along with all the fun parts. From Rome, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Siene, San Grimiganano, Pisa.

Eastern Caribbean 2018

The Caribbean gave me many seasick, yet memorable moments. I am a huge animal person, so you can imagine how fun it was to swim with dolphins in St. Kitts and ride horseback in St. Lucia.

Kinetic Typography

This video uses typography to communicate the character's personality and the tone of voice of Cheshire and Alice. Created in AfterEffects.


During the COVID 19 quarantine, I interviewed Concordia University Wisconsin students about their experience as an art major through the MIAD Co-Op Program.

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