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Type Specimen Book

The Book

This type specimen book is about the influence of traditional art within digital design. The two contrasted typefaces work together to display the cooperation between art and design through text.

The Objective
  • To find two typefaces, one that embodies art and the other to embody design.

  • To research movements within art and design.

  • As the designer, to create a book resembling the fluidity of art while incorporating the structure of design.

The Process

  • Research art and design movements.

  • Create key words that describe art and design.

  • Find two typefaces that embody art and design.

  • Create a book layout.

  • Research color and content.

  • Create type imagery, titles, etc.

As the designer, I faced the challenge of incorporating two different styles in a way that complemented each other while only using typeography


The final book was inspired by the bold and fluid expression of art combined with a useful and structured design.

The Outcome

A book that informs the reader of how art influenced the creation of design

while successfully proving their cooperation through the design.

The book uses the bold colors and expression of art within

a complementary design.


The Book

04 3.png
04 8.png
04 2.png
04 4.png
04 5.png

Each chapter is dye cut to reveal the page behind it.

The first chapter addresses art and its early movements while introducing the "Painted Lady" typeface.

Each chapter includes a quote regarding what the chapter will include.

The second chapter introduces the "Avenir" typeface in a variety of fonts as well as its creation.

04 6.png

The third and last chapter relates back to the contents page and combines the two styles allowing the reader to visualize the previous information.

04 7.png
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