The New Wave

The Exhibition

The New Wave is an exhibition idea for the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Featuring work from John Severson and John Van Hamersveld, the exhibition explores the rise of surf design in the 1960's through magazines.

The Objective
  • To create a cohesive exhibition through a variety of items.

  • To research the art and create a design that encompasses the style.

  • As the designer, to create the exhibition's signage, tickets, and promotional items.


The Process

  • Research the specific art style.

  • Create key words for the exhibition's design.

  • Sketch a variation of logos.

  • Critique logos and narrow down options.

  • Digitalize chosen logos.

  • Create exhibition mockups and signage.

As the designer, I faced the challenge of creating a logo that resembled the surf style of the 1960's and fit within the exhibition.

The New Wave logos 1.jpg


The New Wave Logos 2.jpg


The New Wave extra.jpg


The final logo was inspired by John Severson's "The Surfer" quarterly winter magazine. The blue circles of the logo connect the idea of waves with Severson's magazine design.

The Outcome

An exhibition of 1960's surf design for the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The exhibition displays work from John Severson and John Van Hamersveld and their role within the new wave of magazine design in the 1960's.

Ticket 13.png

The exhibition promotion work includes a logo, tickets, environmental design, a website, and mailer.