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The School

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design is Wisconsin's four year private college for visual art and design. MIAD offers degrees in Communication Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Design, and Fine Arts. MIAD is where passion finds purpose.

The Objective
  • To redesign MIAD's wayfinding to be more functional.

  • To incorporate MIAD's color and ingenuity into the design.

  • As the designer, to research and connect effective visual tools for a positive wayfinding experience.

The Process

  • Research effective wayfinding strategies.

  • Photograph current wayfinding systems.

  • Interview current wayfinder users, new and old.

  • Problem solve traffic areas such as staircases.

  • Create design ideas for signage, room numbers, stairs, and elevators.

  • Create mockups.

As the designer, I faced the challenge of incorporating each major by floor in a design that both worked successfully for wayfinding, while also embodying the major's character.

miad wayfinding 1.jpg
miad wayfinding 2.jpg
miad wayfinding 3.jpg

The final wayfinding experience problem solved traffic control,

consistent signage, and easy navigation.

The Outcome

The new wayfinding experience for MIAD replaced previous disconnected signage with efficient and direct signage for a variety of purposes. With each major split by floor, the new wayfinding system allows for each major to be easily directed and separate.

Presentation Deck
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