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The Calendar

Seasonal calendars for wine lovers featuring sangria, moscato, merlot, and rosé. These calendars are perfect for each season as they incorporate appropriate wines for summer, fall, winter, and spring.

The Objective
  • To develop a theme that fits each season.

  • To incorporate wine imagery.

  • As the designer, to research wine and effectively relate it to the season.

  • To create a functional calendar.



The Process

  • Research wine flavors.

  • Create content for calendar.

  • Find wine that embodies the season.

  • Create calendar layout.

  • Create type imagery, titles, dates, etc.

As the designer, I faced the challenge of using wine to match a season within an interactive and functional calendar while only using typography. 


The final calendar was inspired by wine racks to create a useful and simple calendar while accomodating the dates.

The Outcome

A simple and functional calendar for summer, fall, winter, and spring using wine flavors. Informative and interactive, this calendar is perfect

for wine lovers.


The final calendar uses sangria, moscato, merlot, and rosé.

Calendar_Mockup_A3_1 4.png
Calendar_Mockup_A3_1 3.png
Calendar_Mockup_A3_1 2.png
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