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Editorial Book

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The Book

Capturing Moods is an informative book on how to create the trendy and dramatic style seen in many professional portraiture, all while on a practical budget. The book includes tips and tricks to create the photographs in your own home.

The Objective
  • To create an informative book with tips and tricks.

  • To include photographs that effectively show the outcome.

  • As the designer, create a design that communicates the photograph's style.

The Process

  • Research the topic and audience.

  • Create key words for photographic style.

  • Create a layout.

  • Gather photographs and content.

  • Incorporate photography elements.

  • Organize content into pages/chapters.

As the designer, I faced the challenge of using design to communicate photography while including imagery.


The final book design was inspired by the dramatic and bold style of "moody portraiture" within photography.

The Outcome

A book that informs the reader of how to create professional, trendy

portraiture on a practical budget from the comfort of their own home. 

This book is helpful for any beginner photographers as it

teaches the importance of color, posing, and lighting.

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The Book

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Color is effective in portraying different messages which can be positive or negative if used correctly.

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The dye cut circle reveals the splash page behind it as it combines color.

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Color can be stronger if used subtly or eliminated all together.

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Posing, lighting, and makeup are essential when creating a specific mood or feeling. A variety of camera and lighting angles will enhance the portrait.

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