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The Brand

Wine Knot is a bar and bistro located in downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin. The brand offers American Bistro food with an international flare from the lively dynamic of the Kenosha harbor. Priding themselves on the synergy between food and wine, Wine Knot is a higher end restaurant with a small city personality.

The Objective
  • To create a more sophisticated and refined brand identity.

  • To incorporate the pun, "knot," into the design.

  • As the designer, to reach the brand's target audience through graphic communication.

Wine Knot


The Process

  • Research target audience.

  • Create key words that fit the brand's image.

  • Design a moodboard to visualize the key words.

  • Sketch a variation of logos for the brand.

  • Critique logos and narrow down ideas.

  • Digitalize logos.

  • Research and create mock-ups that fit the brand and demonstrate the outcome.

Wine Knot's target audience are people in the age range of 25 to 60 who appreciate the synergy of wine. While the brand is a bar with night life, the customers are typically willing to spend more.


Culture            Lively                Handcrafted

Elegant           Nautical           Speciality

Synergy          Diverse             Harbor

Wine Knot Letterforms.jpg
Wine Knot Wordmarks.jpg
Wine Knot pictoral.jpg
Wine Knot Emblems.jpg
Digital Renderings

The two approaches I took within these logo designs dealt with the energy of the waves in Lake Michigan's harbor as well as the nautical knot as a reference to the brand's name and location.

The Outcome

A brand that visually compliments what they stand for, sophistication and energy, while appealing to their target audience

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Interior pdf.jpg
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